Dear employees, contractors, guests and our neighbours,

If you are experiencing illegal or unethical practices in OTP or in your affiliated organization, you can let us know at

Your application will be directly evaluated by the top management and will be kept strictly confidential.


You can let us know about inappropriate behaviour given some examples below:

  • Bribery, entertainment or gift packages given to OTP by third parties or to third parties by OTP
  • Human rights violations, employee disrespect, mobbing and unethical sanctions
  • Illegal trade, unfair competition and monopolization practices, money laundering
  • To have a bilateral interest relation with organizations that are in business relation with OTP
  • Inaccuracies in compliance with the statute, regulations and procedures and record keeping, errors
  • Physical harassment or mobbing and treatment of harassment
  • Verbal or physical sexual abuse
  • Discrimination based on race, colour, social origin
  • Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation or pregnancy status
  • Discrimination based on religion and political choice
  • Discrimination based on freedom of association, being a trade unionist and union representative
  • Ethnic and national origin discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Compulsory labour by means of debiting or threat, identity detention, recruiting by putting into prison contrary to the relevant articles of ILO
  • Distribution of employee wages through intermediaries
  • Restriction of employees' freedom to leave work at will
  • Paying employees without a work contract or under minimum wage
  • Forbiddance of freedom of association