New season begins with arrival of first green tobacco to OTP warehouses.

Thanks to advanced information technology systems, each farmer box is labelled during tobacco receiving. 

The geographical region where the tobacco is grown, the leaf position and the quality combinations define the total grade of tobacco.

System addresses the tobacco boxes in to the proper blend based on customer requests defined in the systems. Blending algorithm prepares the blends in the most homogenous way possible. 

Thanks to two-way integration with our customers' information systems,  100% traceability is provided from buying up to finished goods shipment. 



Professional warehousing service is provided thanks to approximately 33.500 m2 closed storage area, 24 forklifts, 10 pallet trucks, 1 tractor and up to date storing facilities.

In-house storing capacity is 23.000 tons of green, 34.000 tons for final products. Capacity can be extended by renting external warehouses where necessary.

Efficient storage capacity, pest management, proper warehouse conditioning and advanced health and safety concerns are the key factors for OTP warehouse management operations.

OTP Infestation management program identifies the procedures to prevent pest infestation through cleaning, monitoring beetle and moth activities and effective fumigation.

Specific elements of the program include:

  • Adherence to CORESTA standards
  • Pre-seasonal K-othrine warehouse cleaning
  • Green tobacco infestation leads to fumigation before processing
  • Infestation monitoring of warehouses using Serrico and Gachos traps
  • Coresta level processing prior to shipment
    • Net coverage before fumigation Plastic coverage during fumigation
    • Net coverage remains in place post fumigation
    • Re-fumigation if required
  • Daily cleaning during processing
  • Weekly detailed cleaning
  • Post processing extreme clean

In addition the conventional pest treatment,  OTP also has low-oxygen controlled atmosphere treatment rooms where no toxic substances are used and all pests are totally eliminated.

  • The ZerOx® controlled atmosphere system creating an atmosphere in which no insects (egg, larvae, pupae or adult) can survive
  • 500 C48 FG capacity
  • 9 day treatment duration

OPT production facility includes two mirror-symmetrical identical lines. Each line has nominal capacity of 8 tons per hour and maximum capacity of 10 tons for Izmir tobacco that makes 20 tons/hour flow rate maximum.

Production line is designed based on high technology and simplicity principle that is suitable not only for mixed grades (such as ABC) but also for discrete grades (such as A, B, KP, KK).

Each line consists of feeding tables, flow control device, DCC, separator, laser NTRM sorter, silo and press equipment.

With a total of 4 Tomra laser NTRM sorter, we can instantly extract foreign materials for 100% of processed tobacco.

Tobacco metrics are captured on-line by advanced SCADA system and necessary precautions are taken as necessary.

With the total of 4 presses and 8 magazine capacities, we are able to maintain proper density in packed product. It also helps us to keep high throughput rate for small package sizes such as C96.

Thanks to conventional and chemical parameters laboratories, OTP can meet customers' full testing and measurement requirements during the season. 

Results are being checked instantly and any potential non-conformities are addressed urgently.

Chemical tests

  • Ammonia
  • Nitrate, Nitrite
  • Total Sugars
  • Nicotine

Conventional tests:

  • Degradation
  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Sand 
  • NTRM
  • By-product tests

Inspection of manufactured tobacco is performed under the proper lighting and environmental conditions defined by customer specifications.

Shipping to cigarette manufacturer is the final element of the full traceability chain. 

Proper product shipment and full traceability is ensured by scanning of all final product barcodes one by one with mobile handheld terminals. 

Opereation efficiency is managed and monitored thanks to mobile work order management system that ensures on-time shipment for customers.