• Factory Receiving
  • Blending
  • Warehousing
  • Pest Management
  • Processing
  • Final inspection, maintenance
  • Laboratory tests and controls
  • In short, everything  from factory receiving to finished goods shipment


Our Potential

We are the first company established in Turkey as a joint venture of two competing Leaf tobacco companies. With the high tobacco volume and long processing period, we significantly reduce the processing cost.

This is the power we need for new investments!



  • We do care tobacco, we process and store tobacco in the most appropriate way
  • We enable safe, peaceful, fair and sustainable environment for our employees.
  • We support and encourage new ideas from all levels of organisation.
  • We do small improvements every day to change the big picture 
Our Difference
  • High-tech tobacco processing equipment
  • Experienced and low circulation staff profile
  • New and modern warehousing service
  • Strong budget and costing infrastructure
  • Modern information systems
  • Full traceability, OEE and problem-solving culture
  • Social responsibility awareness, safe and humane working environment
  • Laboratory tests and controls
  • Together, stronger!
Some Figures
  • Total area of ​​103.500 m2
  • Approximately 34.000 m2 storage area
  • 23,000 tons unprocessed, 34,000 tons processed tobacco storage capacity
  • 14.700 m2 production area
  • 23 Forklift, 8 Transpallet
  • 4 Tomra Laser NTRM sorter